Mothballing the Blog

After 3 years, 98 posts, and having amassed about 7,000 followers (according to WordPress’ stats), I’m idling this blog. All the articles will remain online. I just won’t be adding new content.

This may or may not be a permanent move. It depends on many things. But I’ll be too busy in 2015 to scribble down thoughts in this space.

You can keep up with me at the East Bay Express where I’ll be writing frequently, and you can follow me on Twitter, if you don’t already – @darwinbondgraha.

I will still be checking e-mails, if anyone wants to send me tips, anonymously, through the contact page on this blog.

  1. Peter said:

    Awesome piece on LGM in the EbX, Darwin. That paper is doing the best investigative journalism in the bay area, consistently kicking the butt of the CIR!

  2. Carl Macmurdo said:

    Thanks. Great work.

  3. rosemerry said:

    Thanks Darwin for all your work over the years. I have learnt a lot from you.Much appreciated.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Great Stuff, Darwin. We’ll keep checking in to see.

  5. Great to hear you’ll be writing for the Express it will give me another reason to pick up copies. I wish you all the best there. I am most fnd of your scribblings in this space and find you a reliable, well soucred resource. Happy 2015 looking forward to seeing your work in the Express.
    Ayodele Nzinga

  6. Thom said:

    Too busy to write here sounds like a good thing! Good luck with all that you do, I’ll be following on East Bay Express.

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