BART Is Training a Strikebreaking Force In Vallejo

Several news outlets have reported already that the Bay Area Rapid Trasit District’s managers have started preparing for a prolonged strike. Key to their preparations is a plan to run trains along the mainline of the rail system if and when their train operators, station agents, mechanics, and other crucial employees walk out next month.


A BART train car is shipped via truck on the I-680 last week to Alstom’s facility in Vallejo where BART District managers and non-union employees are to be trained for operating a “skeletal” service during a potential strike in October.

Last Wednesday BART trucked several train cars up to a private facility in Vallejo. “We sent 2 trains to the facility last Sunday so that non-represented employees can re-familiarize themselves with the trains,” said BART spokesperson Alicia Trost in response to an e-mail. Trost wrote that “There are no tracks or third rail power,” at the Vallejo facility, “and we are not breaking any contract rules.”

BART’s hush-hush Vallejo training facility is owned by Alstom Corporation, a French utilities and rail giant that operates everything from coal-fired and nuclear power plants to high-speed trains and urban trams across 21 countries. A search of the BART web site turned up no existing contract between the District and Alstom.


A BART train car inside the Alstom facility in Vallejo.

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  1. This screwball idea by BART management is a wonderful opportunity for certified insurance brokers to set up shop outside BART stations and sell Accident Insurance – just like the airlines.

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